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The Piedmont Quizzing Association (PQA) is one of the oldest and best established King James Bible quiz leagues in the nation.  The PQA is based in Greenville, SC.  Quizzers must be in 6th grade through 12th grade to be eligible to compete.  The 2010-2011 PQA league has 26 teams from four different states (SC, NC, GA and TN). 


The PQA has a regular season monthly quiz meet each month from August through January.  Each team competes in two quizzes at each regular season quiz meet which make a total of 12 quizzes for each team during the regular season. 


The PQA provides numerous opportunities for quizzers to receive Bible quiz awards.  There is a Quizzer of the Month plaque that is given away for each regular season quiz meet.  This year there will be 26 top quizzer medals for the regular season.  The winner of the regular season receives a rotating team trophy at the PQA Tournament in February.  There are also awards for the PQA Achievement test and the winner of the PQA Tournament. 


The most recent PQA regular season results for the Temple Baptist Bible quiz teams and the overall PQA are located below:


Team Name Wins Losses
Temple Determination 12 0
Temple Truth 9 3